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    cosmetic mole removal

    9 Signs It’s Time to Get a Mole Removed

    It’s true we live in the lucky country. A country blessed with beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches and a clean environment. But unfortunately, with our active outdoor lifestyle comes the downside that as a nation, we spend a lot of time in the sun, and the sun can be dangerous. With summer approaching, it’s the right time to get your skin

    Tixel Treatment - Before and After treatment by Dr Chris Leat at Envisage Clinic


    Everyone constantly asks me “What’s new? What’s the latest advance?” Generally I reply that there is nothing new happening at the moment – just tweaks and changes in how ewe use our treatments. And I don’t believe there has been anything that new or exciting for some time. Even treatments such as HIFU, touted as new, is old technology and

    After treatment with Collagen Stimulant Filler

    Hands – Before & After Treatment

    I’ve heard it said that of you want to know the true age of a woman – look at her hands. Today, more than ever, there is truth in this. Many people have anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments on their faces, and never consider treating their hands. But hands undergo similar ageing changes to the face – largely volume loss

    After Anti Wrinkle Treatment by Dr Leat

    Necks & Treatment Options

    Necks Let’s face it – necks are a problem. The skin of the neck is thin and unsupported and prone to wrinkling, sagging and puckering as we get older. Because it is thinner than the skin of the face we can’t use powerful laser and IPL treatments like we can on the face, and because it is not supported by

    Medical doctor - Chris Leat

    Envisage Clinic Week 2 Re-Opening

    Well it’s great to be back! Fortunately COVID-19 appears to be well controlled on the gold Coast at the moment with just 3 active cases, only 1 under current investigation, and no new cases for several days. Envisage clinic recommenced cosmetic injectable treatments and consultations last week, and we are pleased to announce that from next Monday, 18th May, the lovely

    Patients Alert, Cosmetic myths

    Envisage Clinic Re-Opening

    After a tremendous amount of research, consultation, and discussion, we are super excited to announce that Envisage Clinic will re-open. We have been busy this week organising protocols and arranging the clinic so that we are complying with best practice guidelines as currently advised by The College of Cosmetic Physicians and I am confident that this is a safe and

    Patients Alert, Cosmetic myths

    Good News – Envisage Clinic is reopening Tuesday 5th May.

    We will be working on limited services until further notice. These include injectables and medical treatments. (No Beauty or Dermal Therapy Treatments at this stage) We will be taking all the necessary precautions to keep you and our staff free from Infection including maintaining social distancing rules. Our clinic is now taking bookings for next week, Please phone our clinic

    Skin Care and COVID-19

    During this difficult time we are obviously unable to perform your usual anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle treatments in house. However there are a number of things that you can do at home. In fact, with reduced social contact, this is actually the perfect time for some regimes that might cause a degree of down time.   1. SUNSCREEN   Although we

    Medical doctor - Chris Leat

    Telehealth Consultations Available with Dr Chris Leat

    This will (hopefully) NOT be another boring Corona Virus Post. I’m sure that you, like myself, do not need to be told about the actions Envisage clinic is taking to reduce the risk of infection to our staff and patients, or how we are working from home and reducing face to face contact. We are closed for normal business and

    Patients Alert, Cosmetic myths

    Covid-19 and Cosmetic Medicine at Envisage Clinic on the Gold Coast

    Article by Dr Chris Leat Medical Director Envisage Clinic Gold Coast  Very obviously this is the “hot potato” topic at the moment and I want to discuss Corona Virus and its implications for cosmetic medicine. We are in a different position here on the Gold Coast and in Australia to much of the World. Unlike some countries we have been

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