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    Patients Alert, Cosmetic myths

    Cosmetic Mythbusters By Dr Christopher Leat

    ASIANS AGE BETTER THAN CAUCASIANS Asian races tend to age better than Caucasian races for a few reasons. Firstly their skin is darker and therefore is better protected from sun damage. Secondly they have thicker skin, and lastly they have a wider face shape. This increases their facial volume and means that they suffer less from the facial shape changes

    Before and After Melasma Treatment by Envisage Clinic

    Melasma – What Is It and How Do I Get Rid of It?

    WHAT IS MELASMA Melasma is a pigment problem on the face. It causes patches of dark pigmentation often on the forehead, nose, cheeks and top lip. These patches often look like a blotchy uneven coffee or tea coloured stain and may vary from very pale to quite dark. Melasma almost universally only affects females. Melasma is more common in darker

    double chin treatment

    Get Your Jawline Back & Get Selfie Ready!

    Does your cheek appear to blend into your neck without a jawline to define it? Do you hate the double chin or the pouch of fat under your neck? Do you dislike the way you look from the side or always take a selfie from above your head whilst you are looking up to get a good angle? If any

    lateral cheek

    Why Your Lateral Cheek Is Important

    One of the major areas of volume loss in the face as we age is the lateral cheek – the part at the angle of the jaw and just in front of the ear. We sometimes lose a lot of volume here – from the fat in the cheek and also from the jawbone. This volume loss actually causes a

    Chasing the Line

    Dermal fillers can be used to treat a lot of problems, and nowadays it is fashionable to use them largely for shape and volume in areas like the cheeks. But they can also be used to treat individual fine lines. Cosmetic Practitioners call this “chasing the line”, because we follow along the line treating it in a series of tiny

    double chin treatment - before and after

    New treatment for chin fat removal

    Almost daily I get asked “Are there any new treatments available for Chin Fat Removal?” Being an honest bloke, I generally answer. “No. Not particularly”. But now there is! If you find yourself looking up to take a selfie because of your chin fat or feel there is just too much volume under your chin, this is the treatment you

    Chin Fat

    Many of you would have seen the piece that aired on ACA last night about a new treatment for “Chin Fat”. For those of you that have not it is archived here This is a “new” treatment called Kybella. Kybella is an injectable treatment that contains the active ingredient deoxycholic acid, the body’s natural fat metabolising enzyme. What many do


    We have discussed briefly the importance of volume in the face, and how the face loses volume with age. One area that usually gets overlooked on the face is the temples. Many people, as they get older, loose volume from the temples. The temples should be flat or slightly convex (curved outwards) as in any child’s or young person’s face.


    Bruising is a relatively common side effect of cosmetic injectables, so I thought it would be a good idea to discuss it in a little more detail. I want to explain what bruises are, what causes them, and how to minimise the risk of a bruise. Bruises are essentially a leakage of blood into the tissues. A little leak causes


    Almost every new patient that I see who is interested in having a little lost volume replenished says exactly the same thing to me. It goes along the lines of “But I’m scarred of looking overfilled – like some of the women I see”. It stands to reason that if these patients have come to see me despite a fear

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