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Marionette and Jowels


Marionette Lines and Jowls

Sadly as we age, loss of fat, diminishing bone and muscle, gravity, poor skin condition, sun and environmental damage all cause our cheeks to head south and become jowls which in turn soften the jawline.

Jowls are very distressing and until recently the only way to remedy these was with a facelift. Fortunately there are a range of new dermal fillers that can effectively lessen jowls and restore definition to the jawline without surgery.


In Clinic Treatment Procedure

Treatment always starts with a consultation, in which you will be asked some questions regarding the treatment.

This will help to assess and determined where treatment is best suited for each individual. Numbing gel will be applied. The treatment lasts around 20-40 minutes which includes your consultation. After treatment you will be booked in for a follow up appointment, to make sure you are happy.


What to Expect

After treatment you can go back to normal activities.

With any injection there is always a chance of bruising and swelling which can occur, however this can be covered nicely with make-up.

After a few days you can expect to look refresh and youthful.

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