Tixel Dry Eye Treatment

Do you suffer from dry eyes?

If so you are not alone – nearly 50% of the adult population has this condition – and it’s becoming more common with increased levels of computer and screen time. (Incidence varies from 5-35% of the population with some studies finding 70% of elderly patients and 50% of Asian patients affected).

With age, screen use, air conditioning and certain medical conditions this tear film can become inadequate and dry eye occurs.

Dry eyes are just that – they feel dry and irritated, and often become sore and red and inflamed.

Our eyes are kept moist and clean by a film of tears. Tears themselves contain a watery aqueous layer form the tear or lachrymal glands, mucus, and an oil layer which is made in the Meibomian glands. Meibomian gland dysfunction is the most common cause of dry eyes.

The Meibomian glands sit beneath the upper and lower eyelids and can become unproductive or blocked.

 Medical treatment of dry eye has been largely limited to moisturising drops – which usually offer only short term relief, eye lid massage and treatment of any associated blepharitis (inflammation and infection of the eye lashes).

Because the condition is so common, and because up until now there has not been an effective treatment giving long term results, a lot of eye clinics are unwilling to take on many dry eye patients. Most people just cope with the symptoms with intermittent use of eye drops from the chemist.

If you are reading this and suffering from dry eye the exciting news is that Envisage Clinic has a solution for you. Tixel treatment is not only effective at improving skin quality but has also been shown in studies to be an effective treatment for dry eye.

Tixel is a heat stamp treatment. It uses a small titanium block, with a diamond pattern on its surface, heated to 400 degrees Celsius. This stamp is then touched onto the skin’s surface for a prescribed number of milliseconds.

Used on the skin it has a collagen stimulating effect – similar to laser treatment but without the safety issues or downtime. Used on the eyelids it improves the Meibomian gland function that is the root cause of dry eye for most people.

Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered.

Q. How safe is Tixel Dry Eye Treatment?

  1. Extremely safe. As Tixel is heat based and not light based (like laser or IPL) there is no risk of damage to the eye, and at the settings used no risk of damage to the skin

Q. Are there any side effects of Tixel Dry Eye?

A. About the only possible side effect – if it can be called that – is an improvement in lines and loose skin around the yes.

Q. How many treatments are needed?

A. Three treatments, 2 weeks apart

Q. How long do Tixel Dry Eye results last?

A. Early studies suggest very prolonged results for months or even longer.

Q. Does Tixel Dry Eye work for everyone

A. early studies show positive results almost universally, in some studies 100% of patients had improved dry eye symptoms, with some reporting complete remission of symptoms. As with every treatment results are expected to have some individual variation.

Q. Is the treatment painful

A. Generally there is very little discomfort – some will experience a quick hot prick sensation. Anaesthetic gel can be used if needed.

Q. Is there any downtime with Tixel Dry eye treatment?

 A. No. There may be slight skin dryness and occasionally a minimal amount of swelling or redness for a 2-4 of days, but not generally enough to curtail any normal activities.

Q. What is the cost of Tixel Dry Eye Treatment?

A. The full series of three treatments is $450 with some Medicare rebate.

If you or someone you know suffers from dry eye, call Envisage Clinic on 07 5539 4000 or contact us through text on our website.

Article by Dr Christopher Leat –  Medical Director Envisage Clinic Benowa  

Dr Chris Leat Medical Director

Dr Christopher Leat – Medical Director Envisage Skin Clinic Founder and Director.

Dr Christopher Leat has 33 years’ experience in Medicine and is a member of The Royal College of Physicians of London.

Dr Leat has devoted the last 18 years to Cosmetic Medicine and is recognized throughout Australia as one of the most experienced doctors in the field of Cosmetic Medicine.