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IPL Treatment Overview

What is IPL?

Ally applying IPL Treatment to a patient
IPL Treatment on Customer —

What is BBL?

IPL Treatment — Nurse treating male patients head at Envisage Clinic

What Can IPL/BBL treat?

BBL is highly effective for freckles, sun-damage, uneven skin tone, redness, Rosacea, broken capillaries  angiomas and spider vessels. With different settings it is also a quick, painless treatment for permanent hair reduction.

BBL can also be used for acne and to improve skin tone and texture.

BBL is beneficial to the skin, and studies show a reduction in age related changes and even in skin cancer

 What are treatments like?

With BBL generally no topical anesthetic is needed. Glasses or goggles are usually worn although, unlike Laser, there is generally no danger from IPL to the eyes. Depending on the area treated and the type of treatment performed BBL can feel like a hot prickling sensation up to a small stinging sensation.

After treatment there is generally some flushing or redness which fades over a few hours to a few days. Pigmentation often darkens a little. Full results take 4-6 weeks and make up can be worn from the next day.

How many treatments are needed?

This varies depending on what is being treated and individual factors. Generally freckles and pigment fade with 1-2 treatments, redness and vessels may take 2-4 treatments.

Why BBL at Envisage?

Dr Leat and Envisage Clinic have more experience with IPL treatments than anyone in Queensland and probably  Australia. Dr Leat started using IPL with the very first IPL device installed in Australia in around 1994.

There are a huge number of IPL devices available.

Most cost less than a tenth of the price of the Sciton BBL. Sciton BBL is the most expensive BBL available in Australia, but it does provide un-paralleled safety and flexibility.

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