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Thread Lift Treatment – Now available AT ENVISAGE Clinic

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All treatment by Dr Chris Leat and Natalie Louis – R.N

Dr. Christopher Leat - Medical Director Envisage Clinic

Dr Chris Leat - Medical Director

Natalie Louis - RN

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Thread Lift FAQ's

Secret illusion Pressed PDO threads manufactured by Hyudae Medtech Co Ltd

A small amount of local anaesthetic is placed at the temple and/or next to the ear. A needle is used to puncture the skin and the threads are placed through this puncture spot into the cheek with a cannula. The cannula id withdrawn leaving the thread in place. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes.

Generally there is very little discomfort. There is a small sting from the local anaesthetic and sometimes a small amount of a pressure sensation or discomfort during the placement. There may be a slight ache or tight sensation afterwards

There is a small (less than 1%) risk of a bruise. The skin on the cheek might look a little rucked up or dimpled for 1-2 days. There can be some ache or sensation of tightness afterwards for a few days.

This varies from person to person, but generally it is a slight effect compared to a surgical lift. Place your fingertips next to your ears and lift the skin 0.5-1cm and this may give you some idea of the lift attainable.

No, thread lifts are suitable for faces that would benefit from a slight lift. They are generally not suitable for heavy jowls and do not work well on necks or eye brow regions.