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COVID-19 and clinic closure 

Envisage Clinic has closed temporarily in line with the new government lockdown policy.


We understand this is a necessary requirement to ensure the continued health and safety of our community and our patients against the spread of COVID-19, the  Coronavirus. 

We will reopen as soon as the Australian Government advises it is safe to do so.




As a fully qualified and accredited G.P. I am able to offer telehealth general practice consultations to my patients and to anyone else. 


Obviously if you have a regular GP that you frequent it is preferable to contact them for continuity of care, but failing that you can contact me directly BY TEXT on 0403 7753 333.


Telehealth consultations for General Practice consultations and also for cosmetic consultations with a medical component (for example acne, Rosacea, scarring, leg veins, dermatology and skin lesions)  will be bulk billed.


In the absence of a Medicare number, or for purely cosmetic telehealth consultations,  there is no Medicare rebate and there will be a small fee.




I am also able to see patients face to face at Envisage clinic if warranted. Please contact me directly (preferably by TEXT) on 0403 775 333.

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