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You’re a patient at Envisage, not a client! Why this matters . . . .

Doctors have patients, not clients. Other businesses and professionals have clients. But what’s in a name? And does it really matter? Well, I think it does, now maybe more than ever. When I started in cosmetic medicine, back in 1995 or so, I always thought of those that I treated as “patients”. Then drug and laser company representatives came in


Chasing the Line

Dermal fillers can be sued to treat a lot of problems, and nowadays it is fashionable to use them largely for shape and volume in areas like the cheeks. But they can also be used to treat individual fine lines. Cosmetic Practitioners call this “chasing the line”, because we follow along the line treating it in a series of tiny


What the heck is my DAO?

The DAO stands for Depressor Anguli Oris – it’s Latin for “Pulls Down The Corner of The Mouth” and it is a small muscle that does exactly what its name suggests. The photo of Obama above shows him using his DAO to its fullest! The DAO is important because it contributes to a downturned mouth shape and the “marionette folds”

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