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Good News – Envisage Clinic is Open .

If you would like an appointment or consultation please call Candice on 07 5539 4000.

We will be taking all the necessary precautions to keep you and our staff free from Infection including maintaining social distancing rules.

For an update on what services will be available, please visit our Re-Opening FAQ page    

Please Stay safe and practice social distancing and look out for yourself and others!

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Everyone constantly asks me “What’s new? What’s the latest advance?” Generally I reply that there is nothing new happening at the moment – just tweaks and changes in how ewe use our treatments. And I don’t believe there has been anything that new or exciting for some time. Even treatments such as HIFU, touted as new, is old technology and


Hands – Before & After Treatment

I’ve heard it said that of you want to know the true age of a woman – look at her hands. Today, more than ever, there is truth in this. Many people have anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments on their faces, and never consider treating their hands. But hands undergo similar ageing changes to the face – largely volume loss


Necks & Treatment Options

Necks Let’s face it – necks are a problem. The skin of the neck is thin and unsupported and prone to wrinkling, sagging and puckering as we get older. Because it is thinner than the skin of the face we can’t use powerful laser and IPL treatments like we can on the face, and because it is not supported by

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