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About Us

Envisage Clinic is a Queensland day clinic which specialises in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. The cosmetic centre has been providing facial and skin treatments in the Gold Coast region for over 16 years and has developed a reputation for exceptional and personalised service with over 50% of new clients referred by friends and family.

Envisage Clinic was established in 1998 by Dr Christopher Leat and is a small, private clinic in the Gold Coast that specialises in non-invasive cosmetic medical treatments. Dr Leat has over 29 years of experience in medicine, is a Member of The Royal College of Physicians of London and devoted the last 15 years to Cosmetic Medicine.

Envisage Clinic’s philosophy is simple – “We improve people’s lives by helping them look and feel younger.” The idea for Envisage Clinic was born out of a desire to open a boutique clinic in the Gold Coast that has a personalised…


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