Experience Revolutionary Fat Loss with Queensland’s First Emerald Laser at Envisage Clinic

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Transform Your Body with Painless Emerald Laser Treatments

Envisage Clinic proudly introduces the Emerald Laser, the first in Queensland for effective fat and weight loss. Experience the innovative technology that is changing the game in body fat reduction. Our treatments are painless, free from side effects, and designed to treat your whole body.

Emerald Laser FAQ

What is Emerald Laser?

The Emerald Laser is a groundbreaking cold laser technology that enhances fat metabolism without generating heat.

How does the Emerald Laser work?

Our advanced laser targets fat cells, increasing their membrane porousness and breaking down lipids. The result? Significant fat release and improved cell health.

Comfort and Ease with Emerald Laser Treatments

With Emerald Laser, discomfort is a thing of the past. Enjoy relaxing, pain-free sessions that many find soothing.

Optimal Treatment Plan

A typical plan includes 8-16 sessions, ideally twice a week. We will extend our clinic hours, including Saturdays, for your convenience. Each session lasts just 30 minutes.

Additional Health Benefits

Many clients report enhanced well-being and increased energy following treatments.

Side Effects? None Detected

Extensive treatments and studies confirm that Emerald Laser is completely safe with no known adverse effects.

The Science Behind Emerald Laser

Doubtful? Don’t be. Emerald Laser’s effectiveness is backed by extensive research, including studies at prestigious institutions like Mayo and Harvard. As referenced below for further patient reading. 

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Emerald Laser?

Almost anyone can benefit from Emerald Laser treatments, suitable for individuals with a BMI of up to 40, excluding those who are pregnant or have active cancer.

Treatment Areas

Emerald Laser offers a full-body approach, effectively targeting truncal fat, thighs, and arms.

Maximising Results

While effective on its own, combining Emerald Laser with a healthy diet and increased activity delivers the best results. We provide comprehensive support to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Get Started with Emerald Laser

Interested in learning more? Book your complimentary consultation now. As an existing Envisage Clinic patient, enjoy our special introductory offer with significant savings on a full series of treatments.