Chasing the Line

Chasing the Line — Tailored Skin Care Treatments in Benowa, QLD

Dermal fillers can be used to treat a lot of problems, and nowadays it is fashionable to use them largely for shape and volume in areas like the cheeks. But they can also be used to treat individual fine lines. Cosmetic Practitioners call this “chasing the line”, because we follow along the line treating it in a series of tiny spots until it is lifted out along its whole length.

Twenty years ago, when the only filler product that we had were collagen, this was very common practice. Collagen was too soft to give real volume, but this very softness allowed us to do tiny injections right in near the surface of the skin and fill out little lines. Very useful when there were no muscle relaxing anti-wrinkle injections available back then! Collagen is no longer available because modern fillers last much better, but modern dermal fillers are, for the most part, too firm for this sort of fine work. “Chasing the line” has almost become something of a lost art. However, there are just a couple of modern dermal fillers that are, in my view, soft enough for fine line treatments. And they can give exceptional results, especially for fine lines around the mouth, on the cheeks, and around the forehead and eyes, and for many traumatic or acne scars.

This before and after shows fine line work in single treatment to a single line on the left side of the mouth. Individual results may vary.