My personal experience with Cosmelan Peel at Envisage Clinic

cosmelan peel for face

Article by Ally Rowland Dermal Therapist

As a skin therapist I’m always ready to try any new treatment or product I would potentially offer to my clients.

By doing this I can always offer correct and in-depth information from a firsthand experience.

When I found out the cosmelan peel was coming to Envisage Clinic I was really excited once I learned more about this breakthrough procedure and was already thinking to myself what an amazing treatment, I could not wait.

The cosmelan peel is the world’s safest and most effective treatment for a more even skin tone.

It removes and controls hyper-pigmentation through a process of intense depigmentation. There is no harsh hydroquinone and it is suitable for all skin types.

Cosmelan can vanquish those pesky blemishes caused from sun damage (Freckles) aging, acne scarring and hormonal pigmentation (Melasma)

Here is a little personal history on my skin and my journey with Cosmelan.

Before Cosmelan Peel

I have always taken good care of my skin starting as a teenager with my first cosmeceutical products proscribed for me by very own skin therapist at 16 years young- Fast forward to now and while I have taken care to follow a great home care regime some things you can’t control.

The past several years I have suffered from adult acne (very common) which left me with post inflammatory hyper pigmentation and I also developed hormonal pigmentation (Melasma) and while my skin was healthy the appearance of it was splotchy with red and brown blemishes, I was always trying to cover it with makeup and hiding under a hat at the gym.

Day 1 of peel:

The peel was applied in office by a licensed dermal therapist at Envisage clinic. After going over expectations and homecare the peel was applied to form a face mask, some areas were applied thicker over my blemishes.

The mask was cool and over all a relaxing treatment. I was then told to go home with the face mask still on and leave it on for my prescribed eight hours.

Each skin type will be different so the amount of time it is left on is decided by the dermal therapist after a thorough skin analysis. After the eight hours I removed the mask with water and the cosmelan cleanser.

Immediately after I applied the homecare and my face was mildly red- it looked a little like sunburn and felt warm to touch.

cosmelan peel on the face

Cosmelan Peel 

Day 2:

My skin felt very dry and tight, it also had some swelling around my eyes and lower face.

Day 3:

My skin is still red, it feels dry and looks scaly. I can already see some peeling around my nose and mouth. I admit it is a little itchy but I was told not to pick or scratch at my skin (this is very important so that I do not cause any scarring) Today is also the day I start my homecare maintenance cream, my skin is quite tender but I apply a thin layer and follow with the rest of the homecare. It did sting for about 10 seconds.

Day 4:

The redness on my face has calmed down, it’s still very pink and sunburnt looking but not a tomato red anymore. My face is officially peeling and I continue with my aftercare. It didn’t sting this time applying my maintenance cream and my skin is already looking clear and even under the peeling.

Day 5:

I thought my face had finished peeling but it comes and goes, by the afternoon I have patches on my nose, forehead and chin that are definitely still peeling. My skin is still pink and feels dry and scaly and now and then I get hot flushes.

Day 6:

Woke up to a very flaky face but after washing and cleansing most of the dead skin rubbed away. I’m still not picking at any of the skin and letting it peel on its own.

Day 7:

I reached a week! My skin is looking fantastic over the last 7 days the pigment has faded and I’ve been told to expect more fading over the next  three months but honestly its nearly all gone, my skin looks even and glowing.

I received compliments at work all day! By the afternoon I had little patches of flaky skin that came of when I cleansed that night.

Day 8-30:

My skin looks amazing, the redness has completely gone and so have all my blemishes! I did visit salon in between for a cosmelan face mask to help with hydration and there is only minimal peeling here and there throughout week 2 and 3.

I have taken my before and after photos and I am so happy.

Before and After Treatment with Cosmelan Treatment

Before and After Treatment with Cosmelan at Envisage Clinic

I’ll admit at first I thought my face was never going to clear up but trust me the after is worth it!

I am so completely in love with my skin now and I know it will continue to improve with the maintenance cream and keeping sun safe.

I will be following the home care regime for the 6months as recommended for best results and will continue with the maintence cream for up to 12 months after the peel so any pigment that’s left will go away in this time.

I cannot recommend this peel more, my confidence in my skin has completely changed and most days I don’t even wear makeup it’s just looks so great without it.

To get more information on Cosmelan at Envisage visit our Cosmelan Page

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