Do you want Fries with your Anti Wrinkle Treatment?

Do you want Fries with your Anti Wrinkle Treatment? — Tailored Skin Care Treatments in Benowa, QLD

We all know the feeling of simply wanting a bite to eat and the fast food chain employee asks “Do you want to upgrade to a meal deal? or Do you want fries with that?

Well I’m confident there are not many Cosmetic Doctors or Nurses in Australia are not directly asking “Do you want Filler with your Tox?”

Out of context, this straight up line of questioning is abrupt and may be offensive.

Having dermal filler is the second most popular cosmetic medicine treatment performed over the last 10 years.

Let’s uncover why a little can mean a lot and why “filler upgrades” or “tweakments” or having some “fries” on the side, can be one of the most satisfying treatments you can ever have.

Myth #1 “I don’t want to look fake or unnatural”

You will not look like a plumped up blimp or overfilled by having some small volume adjustments.

Volume can not be replaced with anti wrinkle injections and skincare.

This is where dermal fillers can help by lifting and recontouring facial shape through supporting the deep layers of the skin.

The photo below highlights how glamoring enhancing facial volume can be.

Myth #2 Filler is more expensive than anti-wrinkle treatments.

Maintaining anti-wrinkle treatments like maintaining your hair can require two or three treatments per year to maintain your desired look.

Anti-wrinkle treatments generally last 3-4 months.

Premium dermal fillers generally last 12 months so often work out the same or even less than the cost to maintain anti-wrinkle treatments.

Myth #3 Filler gives you big lips

At Envisage we understand that there are some duck and fish lips out there and we find them scary too.

We pride ourselves on keeping it real and naturally beautiful. Enhanced but NOT overstated is our goal.

The #1 thing to know is that ladies who desire very large lips have probably had 3,4 or even 5 lip treatment to have large lips.

It is almost impossible to overfill and over plump lips with one treatment.

This is especially true for ladies in their 30s,40’s,50’s and 60”s as lip volume decreases with age so we are just topping up what nature has taken away as we age.

In the correct hand, having a lip treatment might be the best “fries” you ever get offered.

Below are some examples of some lips we are responsible for.

The best thing to uncover what might work for you is took book in for a complimentary consultation to discuss what makes a perfect pout for you.

Myth #4 I don’t need Cheeks or Lips so I don’t need Filler.

It is true that Lips and cheeks are the most popular areas to be enhanced by using dermal filler there are some more advanced areas where we use filler which can provide dramatic facial improvements such as tired eyes, chin and temples just to name a few.

Feeling tired around the eyes is one of the most common concerns we treat at Envisage.

Looking tired around the eyes is caused by many factors and often has very little to do with how much sleep you get.

The good news, a little revolumising in this area can provide very refreshed less tired look.

Pictured below are some examples of a) filler for sunken tired eyes and b) chin definition /augmentation.

This article aims to quickly demystify what filler is and what its not, and importantly to showcase the benefits of adding some “fries” I mean dermal filler to your next cosmetic consultation with
the team at Envisage Clinic.

“Before and after pictures – Used with permission. Individual results may vary”

Article by Danny Gill  – Enrolled Nurse Cosmetic Injector

Danny Gill – Enrolled Nurse Cosmetic Injector

Danny joined the Envisage team in early 2018, is a Cosmetic Nurse Injector with five 5 years’ experience in teaching injectable techniques to Doctors, and Nurses throughout Queensland and New Zealand.

Danny also lectures in Cosmetic Medicine, PRP (Vampire Facial), Dermal Therapy Science at Gray Clay Medical Aesthetics, and has owned and operated Hair and Beauty salons since 2002.