Dr Google

Dr Leat during a Regenera Activa Treatment Hair Loss Consultation

Be careful how you consult Dr. Google

In this age of information at our finger tips it is easy for anyone to research treatments and conditions online.

Certainly there is a wealth of information out there, and a lot of it is very good.

However there are things that you need to be aware of when researching online.

Firstly there is a tendency for people to report negative experiences much more frequently than positive ones.

This can cause a negative slant to the information and reviews available.

Secondly there is a propensity for the extreme and the bizarre to feature very prominently on the internet.

The internet is full of images of celebrities and others with too much surgery, overfilled lips and cheeks, and unnatural, overdone appearances.

If you are wanting an overdone look, you won’t get it at Envisage Clinic where we pride ourselves on producing natural, holistic, blended results.

Lastly the internet is full of so called experts who quite frankly are not experts at all.

Some are doctors with little experience or old fashioned ideas, some are nurses or non-medical practitioners, and some are patients or self-appointed experts with no real training or expertise at all.

Others are basically salesmen of one form or another with products to sell and no ethics to govern how they sell them.

So don’t be put off by any research that you have done on the internet.

Here at Envisage Clinic we don’t charge for a chat, so feel free to make an appointment and come in to talk about your concerns with one of our staff.

We promise to give you honest advice, we won’t promise results that we cannot achieve, and we won’t ever recommend treatments that are not appropriate.

Dr Christopher Leat – Medical Director – Envisage Clinic