Experianced injectors – The crucial.

Experianced injectors – The crucial — Tailored Skin Care Treatments in Benowa, QLD

Unfortunately there are an increasing number of clinics and salons offering cosmetic injectables where the prescribing doctor has little or no experience in these drugs or managing their side effects, or lives and works at some distance, sometimes in another State, and therefore is totally unable to offer any direct assistance in the event of an emergency.

Increasing there is a growing trend for businesses (non-medical) which offer Cosmetic Injectable procedures including: Hairdressing salons, Beauty Salons, Nail Technicians, Tanning Salons etc … and the list goes on. You must keep in mind that Cosmetic Injectable treatments are a medical procedure and should be performed in a sterile and professional environment.
Here at Envisage Clinic we offer all procedures in our professional medical practice. We always have the right equipment and tools needed to give you not only the best quality treatments but the best service in a friendly clean environment. All injectors are very experienced and thoroughly trained and are directly supervised by Dr Christopher Leat.
Questions you should ask before choosing your Clinician?

What qualifications do you have?
What experience and training have you had?
Who is your prescribing doctor if they are a nurse and am I able to see him or her?

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