Dr Leat during a Regenera Activa Treatment Hair Loss Consultation

We have discussed briefly the importance of volume in the face, and how the face loses volume with age.Temple restore

One area that usually gets overlooked on the face is the temples. Many people, as they get older, loose volume from the temples. The temples should be flat or slightly convex (curved outwards) as in any child’s or young person’s face. If they start to become concave, or curved or “dinted” inwards, it becomes a very ageing appearance – simply because no youthful face has that curve.

Loss of volume in the temples also reduces width in the upper face, making the face look more elongated and rectangular. It can also make the eyebrows start to disappear around the side, and is a major factor in lowering the eyebrows and causing loose skin above and below the brow.

Replacing volume in the temples is quick and very effective, and long lasting. It helps to restore proper proportion to the face, lifts the outside of the brow, and removes an ageing feature.

Look at these pictures and notice the difference that volumising the temples has made.

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Dr Christopher Leat