Dr Leat during a Regenera Activa Treatment Hair Loss Consultation

I’ve discussed fillers and adding volume to the face a little. But what about when we want to remove volume?

As we age the face looses volume – mainly from the upper half, the temples and cheeks. But there is often also an increase in volume right down at the bottom of the face – in the jowl area, and below that in the neck. This is caused by an accumulation and shifting of fat into these areas.
Jowls destroy the jaw line and also contribute to the square shape of an older face.

Certainly adding volume to the upper face can help this by shifting the balance of volume to the upper parts of the face, and also by having a slight lifting effect, but a lot of people need more than that. The answer can lie in a simple procedure called Lipodissolve, or Lipolysis.

Lipodissolve consists of the injection of tiny amounts of the body’s own fat metabolising enzyme, phosphatidycholine, into the fatty deposits. The fat and fat cells are then broken down over time, slimming down the area treated. It takes up to two months to see the results from a treatment, and often between 1 and 3 treatments are needed to get the desired results. Good results are obtained for 95% of patients, and are very long lasting (often several years).

Lipodissolve has a very low risk of adverse events. Most patients will have some swelling for a few days, but apart from bruising we have never seen any other significant side effects in over eight years of use at Envisage Clinic.

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Dr Christopher Leat