Skin Care and COVID-19

Skin Care and COVID-19 — Tailored Skin Care Treatments in Benowa, QLD

During this difficult time we are obviously unable to perform your usual anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle treatments in house.

However there are a number of things that you can do at home.

In fact, with reduced social contact, this is actually the perfect time for some regimes that might cause a degree of down time.


Although we are all staying at home much more, many people are still getting a fair degree of sun exposure.

With the closure of gyms and organised fitness centres, I am certainly seeing a lot more people out and about walking and running when I take my dog for his morning walk.

I know many of you (like me) are getting active in the garden too.

Where possible get your daily exercise early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the sun is not so bright and damaging, and please please remember to use a good sunscreen – at least a factor 30.

I’ve always said that sunscreen is the cheapest and one of the most effective anti-ageing treatments around, so make sure you remember to use some.


Vitamin A based skin creams are of great benefit to most skins – and nearly everyone over 40 would benefit from one.

Vitamin A is one of the very few skin care ingredients that actually increases the collagen level in the skin, something we all need as we get older.

Vitamin A also speeds up the cell renewal process in the skin’s dermal layers, so that newer fresher skin cells come to the surface earlier.

The skin looks smoother and more radiant and fine lines and crepiness are reduced.

It helps to unblock congestion and improves breakout and acne.

Vitamin A can cause a degree of redness and dryness of the skin when you first start using it.

This is only a temporary effect until your skin gets used to it and the benefits appear.

Some patients with sensitive skins need to start with a reduced dose regime, and gradually increase application.

Because of this now might be the perfect time to consider adding Vitamin A into your skin care regime.

High quality Vitamin A is only available on a doctor’s prescription or in doctor only products in Australia (such as the Ultraceuticals Ultra MD range).

If you would like to discuss or obtain a Vitamin A product suitable for your skin I am able to assist with a Telehealth consultation


Sun damage, sun-spots and keratoses are very common in Australia. Some of them look like pink or red patches, or feel like rough or dry skin patches.

There are many treatments available, but one of the best is a prescription skin cream.

Using this cream not only removes 80-90+ percent of sun spots, but can also act like a peel and generally improve the skin’s tone and complexion.

The downside is that this cream generally causes some degree of redness and spottiness as the sun-spots react to it. If there are a lot of sun-spots this can be quite significant.

This time of reduced social interaction is a perfect time to treat sun spots and solar damage.

If you would like to discuss this and see if you are suitable, please contact me for a Telehealth consultation and script.

For Telehealth consultations please email Dr Leat direct on

These will be bulk billed where appropriate and possible.

The usual range of skin care products, Ultrceauticals, Ultra MD, Poni, and Esmi (subject to availability) can also be ordered from us and posted to your home address.

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Article by Dr Christopher Leat –  Medical Director Envisage Clinic Benowa 

Dr Christopher Leat – Medical Director Envisage Skin Clinic Founder and Director.Dr Christopher Leat has 33 years’ experience in Medicine and is a member of The Royal College of Physicians of London. Dr Leat has devoted the last 18 years to Cosmetic Medicine and is recognized throughout Australia as one of the most experienced doctors in the field of Cosmetic Medicine.