Dr Leat during a Regenera Activa Treatment Hair Loss Consultation

For a long while here in Australia we have had two muscle relaxant anti-wrinkle injectable treatments available. We now have a third.
My aim with this post is to explain the differences between them, but unfortunately t…his is rather hard to do. Here in Australia I am not allowed by law to mention the specific names of these products in a public arena, nor may I refer to them by a partial name or letter. This makes this article difficult to write to say the least!

The main difference with the new product, which is made in Germany, is that it is purer. The other products contain the same active ingredient, but also a number of other proteins. Now it is believed that these other proteins, which are superfluous to the effect, are responsible for sometimes causing an anti-body response. In other words, they can sometimes cause the body to develop an immunity to anti-wrinkle therapy. This causes treatments to become increasingly ineffective over time, or just stop working altogether. The new German product should, theoretically, never have this problem.
The interesting thing is that we simply do not have any research on how often patients develop an immunity to standard anti-wrinkle injection therapy. Certainly some patients notice that they are getting less effect from their treatments as time goes on, but there are other factors that can cause this. For example patients often need a higher dose as they age, and expectations change over time. If, however, we can get the same benefit for a similar price without risk of an immune response, then that is obviously a good thing.

The new treatment should work the same as your past treatments, and generally the cost is comparable. Call now to give it a try 5534000