Why 3 ml of filler is better than 1 ml (apart from the obvious)

Cosmetic Care Injectables — Dr Leat Treating a patient with botox injectables

I’m personally excited to be offering our 3ml pack of filler again.

Why? Because I’ve seen it give so many great results in the past. Let me explain why.

As we age we lose volume from the face, and this is probably the most ageing change that happens to us. If you glance at a face over the street or at a distance, chances are you can guestimate the age of that person to within a decade or so.

It’s not their skin that gives them away (they may have makeup on) or their wrinkles (you are too far away to see them) – it’s the shape of the face. And research has proven that its volume loss – not drooping or sagging tissues – that is the main change happening.

Now, we start losing volume at the rate of about 1% a year from as early as our early 20’s, and we lose volume from the fat and from the bone in the face.

It varies for everyone, but the typical changes are hollowing of the temples, flattening of the cheek, loss of the jaw definition and side of the cheek (which causes on oblong face shape) and loss beneath the corners of the mouth (causing a down in the mouth look and jowls).

So by the age of 40 – 50 we have lost 30-40mls of volume

In essence for many of us (I am no exception) 1ml of filler is simply not enough to make much of a difference unless there is just one small area that concerns us. 3ml, on the other hand, is usually enough to really make a difference and actually rejuvenate 1-3 areas of the face.

It’s still far below the actual volume that has been lost, but carefully placed it can have a significant effect.

From my experience patients who have 3mls of filler are generally much happier with their results than those who have just 1ml.

Have a look at the results below.

Before and after Dermal Filler midface
Before and after Treatment with 4ml Filler
Lower face Botox & Filler
2ml Filler and 40 Units of anti-wrinkle
pre treatment not smiling using 4.5ml of filler
Pre Treatment
post treatment with 4.5 ml of filler
Post Treatment using 4.5ml of filler

All of these patients had 2-4ml of dermal fillers, and all were more than pleased with their results.

I guarantee if these patients had only 1ml of filler their reaction would have been more “Meh” than “Wow!”

Of course everyone is individual, but if you feel that this year you want to make a real difference and significantly rejuvenate your features, please make an appointment to discuss your options.

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Article by Dr Christopher Leat –  Medical Director Envisage Clinic Benowa  

Dr Chris Leat Medical Director

Dr Christopher Leat – Medical Director Envisage Skin Clinic Founder and Director.

Dr Christopher Leat has 33 years’ experience in Medicine and is a member of The Royal College of Physicians of London.

Dr Leat has devoted the last 18 years to Cosmetic Medicine and is recognized throughout Australia as one of the most experienced doctors in the field of Cosmetic Medicine.